The Premium Woodworker's Epoxy for Thick Pours

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The Woodworker’s Epoxy

FlowCast® uses a simple 2:1 mix ratio and can be combined with Liquid or Metallic pigments to create custom colors and effects. It has been formulated specifically for larger projects such as river tables, ocean tables, and encapsulated objects.

FlowCast is intended for pours of 13-38mm (0.5-1.5”) per layer, with a maximum pour volume of 30L. FlowCast can be worked (trimmed, routed, sanded, and finished) using the same tools you have in your woodshop. 

Used to Create

  • River Tables
  • Ocean Tables
  • Encapsulated Objects
  • Decorative Art Pieces
  • Custom Furniture

What will you create with FlowCast®?

Premium FlowCast® Features

Ideal for Thick Pours

With the ability to cast from ½” to 1½” thick pours, FlowCast is perfect for river tables, ocean tables, and any other deep pour or large casting application.

Bubble-Free Castings

FlowCast’s low viscosity provides excellent air release allowing trapped air to rise to the surface, significantly reducing bubbles in the cured casting. 

Outstanding Transparency

FlowCast cures to a transparent water-clear finish. It can also be combined with Liquid and Metallic pigments to create custom colors and effects.

Low Heat Build Up

FlowCast cures slowly with low heat build up resulting in less warping and cracking in your epoxy project. 

FlowCast Specifications

Times based on 38mm (1.5”) deep casting at a volume of 14L. Individual project times may vary depending on pour depth, volume, ambient temperature, and humidity.

Pour Depth

13-38mm (0.5-1.5”) for pours up to 30L

Mix Ratio by VOLUME (A:B)


Mix Ratio by MASS (A:B)


Working Time (in mold)

8-12 Hours

Tacky to Touch

20-44 Hours

Set to Touch

44 Hours

Demolding Time

3 Days

Time Finishing

7 Days

Full Cure

7-14 Days

Working Temperature

Resin, mold, and workspace temperatures should be 20-25°C (68-77°F)

Storage Temperature

15-25°C (59-77°F)

Clean Up

Isopropyl/denatured alcohol or warm soapy water

Mixing Instructions

In a clean, dry container combine (by volume) 2 parts resin with 1 part hardener and mix thoroughly for 4-5 minutes. Add Liquid, Metallic, or Glitter pigments as desired and mix until evenly dispersed.

Application Instructions

Working area should be clean, dry, and free of dust. FlowCast can be poured at 13-38mm (0.5-1.5”) per layer. FlowCast will not shrink while curing under normal conditions. However, it may slowly fill cracks and voids in live edge wood pieces, causing the resin level to drop. Be prepared to add more epoxy as needed.

Epoxy releases heat when curing. For pours of 30L or more, multiple thinner pours may be necessary to prevent overheating. Fans blowing across the curing epoxy may also be used to help dissipate heat. For best adhesion between layers, wait until the first layer is tacky to touch before pouring a second layer. If the previous layer is no longer tacky, sand with 220 grit sandpaper and wipe down before pouring another layer. 

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