Proudly Presenting
The WoodWorker’s Epoxy

√ Highest biorenewable content on the market
√ Crystal Clear with minimal bubbles
√ Extremely durable and impact resistant
√ Low odor, no VOC’s

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Through our innovative products, we want you to explore what is possible, to create a natural and versatile surface that exceeds the quality, performance and value you could ever imagine.


There’s an awesome global community surrounding EcoPoxy that grows day by day. Have a look at some of the beautiful creations people have made using our epoxy resins.

Where To Buy

We have retailers that sell EcoPoxy products all over the world. Check to see which retailer is closest so you can start creating something amazing with our versatile epoxy resins.


Have questions about EcoPoxy and our various products? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see if we have an answer for you.


“Very versatile, products for horizontal and vertical surfaces. I saw some artwork that rep Jane Biven did using Ecopoxy and it was gorgeous! I have personally used Ecopoxy on countertops and the results have been wonderful.”

“I love Ecopoxy’s products! The superior quality products and friendly and knowledgeable staff and customer service makes this Canadian company one that we will keep supporting!”

“It is amazing what Ecopoxy is doing. I’ve started making paddle boards and the Uv epoxy works great for the fiberglass and the gel coat. There is literally no smell unless you put your nose right into it! Pictures coming soon!”

About EcoPoxy

EcoPoxy is an epoxy company like you’ve never seen before. Through rigorous research and development, we are proud to offer natural bio-based epoxies that are socially responsible.

We manufacture high bio-content epoxies as sustainable answers our customers use to create, build and beautify the world around them. Whether it’s a tabletop for commercial or residential applications or a floor in an industrial plant, we are confident in the versatility of our high-performance epoxy solutions.

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