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Lynn & Liana Designs

Lynn & Liana Designs - Team Members & Owners

This month, we had a chat with owners of Lynn & Liana Serveware, Melissa and Evan Funk. Their coveted Canadian Maple and resin serving trays and cheese boards have garnered attention nationwide and have been featured on Forbes, The View, Good Morning America, CTV Morning, and News Watch (just to name a few!).

And one thing we love the most? They're another proudly Manitoban company located in Steinbach.

Our relationship with the Funk family goes back a few years before Lynn & Liana was conceived. Evan was an EcoPoxy employee, helping with product development where he learned the ins and outs of using epoxy. When he decided to make the jump with his family to start Lynn and Liana, they had our full support and boy, did they soar!

"We started out small, and now we're in 600 stores across America!"

They were our first customers to require tote-sized containers of UVPoxy - we made that container size available because of them - and we’ve watched them successfully scale their business from humble beginnings in their parents' home to being in more than 600 stores across North America with a booming e-commerce business - in three short years!

Charcuterie board coated made by Lynn & Liana Serveware. Created with EcoPoxy.

"The reason we get to do this is because of the EcoPoxy team, especially Jack Maendel, their CEO. We took on the financial risk, but we had a lot of support from them in other areas and can't thank him enough."

Each of their boards is hand poured using our UVPoxy resin and mix of liquid and metallic pigments, making them individual works of art that bring a little bit of nature into your home.