Liquid Color Pigments

Rich and Vibrant Colors to Make Your Project Unique!

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Highly Concentrated Color Pigments

Our Liquid Color Pigments are specially formulated to mix thoroughly and stay suspended in our casting, coating, and gelcoat epoxies.

Highly concentrated pigments mean you only need a little bit to go a long way. You can mix and match our 8 rich and vibrant pigments to create an unlimited array of exciting new custom colors or combine them with our Metallic Color Pigments or Polyester Color Glitters to create unlimited unique color effects!

EcoPoxy’s Liquid Color Pigments consist of non-toxic pigments suspended in a non-reactive resin-soluble carrier which allows them to blend thoroughly, producing long-lasting uniform colors in our two-part epoxy systems.

Advantages of EcoPoxy Color Pigments

  • Perfect for Solid, Even Color
  • Non-toxic and Low Odor
  • Compatible with our epoxy resin systems

What will you create with Color Pigments?

Liquid Color Pigment Features

Create Custom Colors & Effects

Just like with paints, EcoPoxy Liquid Color Pigments can be mixed and matched to create the custom color you’re looking for. We recommend mixing up small test samples to make sure you get the look you want, before adding the full amount of pigment to your epoxy.

Even Blending

Depending on how much you add, Liquid Color Pigments can be used to achieve a transparent, translucent or opaque color effect. The high concentration properties of our pigments mean you won’t need much to get the effect you want. Start slow and add more as needed. Follow the EcoPoxy resin products’ mixing guidelines to ensure proper color blending.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Achieve a veritable rainbow of colors with our selection of 8 Liquid Color Pigments; available individually or in sets, in 60mL, 120mL, and 240mL bottles. Combine with our Metallic Color Pigments or Polyester Color Glitters for infinite creative possibilities.

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