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Find the right epoxy for your next project. Whether you need an epoxy coating or a casting resin, browse the categories and compare. All our epoxies can be machined with the same tools you would use for woodworking to allow you endless possibilities in your creations. Check each product to see what others have created and how to use the product or start a chat with any questions you have. The possibilities are endless, what will you create with EcoPoxy?


For pours over 1/2" thick, these epoxies are for you! EcoPoxy's casting epoxies are perfect for deep pours and known for their durability and their extremely strong bond to the objects they cure to. Perfect for large projects including river tables, furniture, and other works of art.


Our most popular epoxy. Perfect for large pours thicker than 1/2" and cures crystal clear.

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FlowCast® SPR

New from EcoPoxy! The Premium Casting Epoxy for Small Projects.

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Want the brightest white pour possible? SnowWhite is the right epoxy for you.

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Perfect for thin coats and preserving your projects. Our epoxy coatings are extremely durable to stand the test of time and will give your project a glossy finish.


For pours less than 1/4" thick, UVPoxy cures quickly and leaves your project with a high gloss finish.

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Designed to work with laminating systems. GelCoat has excellent durability and water resistance.

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The system is suitable for the manufacturing of large structures and composite parts by wet layup with low viscosity and excellent wetting characteristics. The system is also suitable for filament winding applications and adaptable to VRTM. Parts can be released from a mold without post-curing.

BioPoxy 36

Perfect for fiberglass and carbon fiber applications with a lightweight finish.

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Create unique effects that are all your own! All of our epoxy color products and additives are specially formulated to suspend in our coating and casting epoxies for even mixing and setting during cure. The effect is where you’ll find the difference.

With our pigments, a little goes a long way. To test the effect before adding pigments to your epoxy, add them to a water bottle and shake well. This method can be used to test custom color creations. Browse through and choose the perfect epoxy pigment for your project. We're continually adding to our assortment to keep your creativity flowing.

Color Pigments

For a solid, vibrant color, Color Pigments are perfect for you. A little goes a long way.

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Metallic Pigments

Our most popular pigment, Metallic Pigments create a multi-dimensional, pearlescent effect.

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Polyester Color Glitters

Color Glitters are large flecks of glitter that is best used in topcoatings for an entrancing effect.

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Glow in the dark epoxy, the name speaks for itself! Available in green or blue.

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Pour Pail

The Ultimate Mixing, Pouring & Storage Pail

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