Bio-Based Objectives

EcoPoxy Inc. is committed to creating, manufacturing, and distributing bio-based epoxies made from annually renewable resources and offer the world an alternative to traditional epoxy resins made from fossil fuels. 

Not only do we want to lower our carbon footprint, but it is our goal to use bio-based ingredients that are currently considered waste. This allows us to create an epoxy that is environmentally friendly and does not take resources out of the global food supply.

What Makes Us Different

Our vision is to be the leading epoxy resin company by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to build and beautify their products and surroundings. All while lowering our carbon footprint.

People come first. We offer competitive compensation, support local workers, and maintain critical safety measures.

We work to inspire creatives by creating a community that provides support and ideas. We do this through social media and our online support.

We're constantly redeveloping our products to lower our carbon foot-print and create environmentally friendly options.

We were farmers first. Agriculture is our life so we know the importance of bio-based options that don't take resources out of the global food supply. 

Our Values

We are proud to offer bio-based, non-toxic epoxies as environmentally friendly answers our customers use to create, build and beautify the world around them.
Our product line empowers you to imagine the possibilities, to create something out of nothing, to explore what is possible, to create a natural and versatile surface that allows you to find the artist in yourself.

USDA Certified Biobased

As part of our biobased initiatives, Some of our products are USDA Certified Biobased and we are working towards getting more and more of our products certified.


Henry Ford II Highschool

We proudly sponsor the school's woodworking class that enables students to learn a trade and work with their hands. This pictured paddleboard was created for Richard Branson and the class has since been commissioned to create paddleboards for other popular figures. As quoted from the woodworking teacher: "Thanks again for your support of my program! Donations like yours is why we are able to do what we do."

EcoCar: University of Alberta

As EcoPoxy continues to innovate the industry by offering bio-based epoxies, what the engineering students are doing at U of Alberta is close to our hearts. Thank you to U of Alberta for being part of the solution as you strive to move the world away from using fossil fuels and closer to zero emissions with innovative solutions in the transportation sector.

Harv's Air Inverted

EcoPoxy supports the Aerospace industry and is proud to be a sponsor of Harv’s Air Inverted, a local flight school and aviation company. EcoPoxy's sponsorship brings attention to this market segment. Be sure to check them out on social media.

Team Howard

Team Howard is a Regina based curling team who will be representing Saskatchewan at the 2021 Tim Horton’s Brier in Kamloops BC. Alongside coaching them is 2 time Brier Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Russ Howard. We love supporting local groups and enabling them to pursue greatness.

Hayley Daniels | Tokyo 2021 Olympic Summer Games

To help raise funding for Canadian athlete, Hayley Daniels, journey to the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Summer Games, EcoPoxy supplied product to Ian Boyd to create a beautiful river table to be auctioned off. We wish her all the best as she represents Canada.

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