Become an EcoPoxy Retailer

With major expansions to our EcoPoxy team and plant complete, we now accept applications to become retailers of our Premium Bio-based epoxy products.

If you are interested in representing our complete product line at your retail store, simply fill the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Want to Resell EcoPoxy?

Retailers see growth when offering our product line. Why do your customers love EcoPoxy?

Bio-Based Options

We believe in offering environmentally friendly options in the epoxy market, giving the world an alternative to traditional epoxy resins made from fossil fuels. Our bio-based epoxies empower our customers to imagine the possibilities and create masterpieces out of waste materials.

Who Can Be an EcoPoxy Retailer?

We pride ourselves in providing fast, professional support to our retailers and your customers. As an EcoPoxy retailer, you get access to a dedicated support line for quick responses. We are also available as a direct resource to send your customers to when they have product questions.

Retailer Requirements

  • You need a retail location
  • Be open to the public at least Monday to Friday
  • Purchase and maintain a certain volume of product
  • Must also sell wood and supplies

Retailer Testimonials

Janzen's Paints & Decorating Ltd.
Steinbach, MB | Flooring

Tailored Knot Inc.
La Salle, MB | Custom Furniture


Look through answers to the most common questions we get asked.  Didn’t find what you need?  Just send us a request using our contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Who do I contact to become a retailer?
With a major plant expansion and company restructuring at our headquarters, we have implemented a brief pause in adding new retailers to our current network. The pause will be brief and we will be even better able to serve our ever growing market with the most innovative and bio-based epoxies in the industry. Please check back often for updates.

I have an online-only store, can I still resell your product?
We are currently not accepting online only retailers.

Do you offer drop shipping?
EcoPoxy offers drop shipping on all orders 90L and above within the US and Canada. This saves you on both time and shipping costs without the need to forward product on to your customers. Contact our sales department for more information.

What do I get once I become a retailer?
Once approved, you get your own retailer login to access marketing assets and direct access to our customer support. You'll find training material on our Support page as well as on our Knowledge Base that you can also share with your customers. And of course, the advantage of stocking the EcoPoxy brand that customers love.

What is your return policy for retailers?
We evaluate returns on a case by case basis. In the rare instance of product being damaged upon delivery, we will replace the damaged goods.

How quickly can I expect to receive my order?
Delivery will vary depending on your location. EcoPoxy has production plants in Canada and the USA with distributors in other countries. 

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