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Create a Handle Board with UVPoxy

In this tutorial, we'll be creating a decorative handle board using UVPoxy. 

Tips to keep in mind: 

  • We used three different colors.
  • Make sure your handle board is levelled, it's lifted off of the work surface, and the surface of the wood has been wiped with denatured alcohol.
  • Choose your colors and decide what kind of pattern you want to create before you mix your epoxy.
  • Touch up the edges of your project after you’ve completed the main design. Use epoxy that has dripped onto the work surface to better match the colors on your board.
  • If there is a hole in the handle of the board, make sure you’ve coated the inside surfaces as well.

  • Use to blend colors if desired.  You can use a heat gun or hair dryer.
  • Add final accent color only after you’ve finished blending using heat.
  • Torch bubbles once you’re happy with your design.

To watch the full video of this tutorial, click the link below.