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Why didn’t my epoxy cure?

Listed below are a few possible causes of why an epoxy project doesn’t cure:

  • Wrong mix ratio – Too much resin or too much hardener will result in unreacted product left that cannot form cross-links. This can result in a project that is tacky or a soft cured epoxy.
  • Poor mixing – Poor mixing can result in uncured resin. This can affect the entire project or be localized to small areas that remain tacky. Even with careful mixing, some areas of the mixing cup may have remnants of unmixed resin and hardener. This is why we recommend that you do not scrape the sides or bottom of the container when pouring, to get every drop.
  • Temperature is too low – If the ambient conditions or epoxy temperatures are too low, the chemical reaction necessary for curing the liquid epoxy to a solid will be slow to start. Consult the product’s Technical Data Sheet for recommended working temperatures.
  • Insufficient resin mass – Most casting resin systems rely on the generation of heat from the reacting resin to complete the curing process. If there is not enough reacting resin generating heat, the cure will proceed extremely slowly.