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Is there a difference between glitter, metallics and liquid pigments? How much should I add?

EcoPoxy has three different pigment product lines; Liquid Color Pigments, Metallic Pigments and Color Glitters. Each are available in a variety of colors and each creates their own unique effect. To decide on the pigment line needed, first you will need to determine the effect you are going for.

  • Liquid Color Pigments are used to attain a uniform opaque or translucent color effect.
  • Metallic Pigments are a fine metallic powder that creates a multidimensional pearlescent or iridescent effect.
  • Color Glitters are different from metallic pigments. They are larger flakes of colored glitter that settle to the bottom of the epoxy.

Consult your product’s application guide or product webpage for how much of each pigment to add to achieve the desired effect.