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How can I remove epoxy from skin and clothes?

When working with epoxy it is recommended that along with proper PPE (glasses, gloves, etc.) you wear long sleeves in order to avoid skin contact. Tie long hair back and choose to wear inexpensive clothes or a disposable Tyvek jacket. If you get resin on your clothes, change them immediately. Do not continue wearing soiled clothing.

If you get resin, hardener or mixed epoxy on your skin, remove it immediately. Do not use solvents such as acetone to remove epoxy from your skin. Use a solvent-free hand cleanser to remove resin or mixed epoxy from your skin. Hardener can be removed with soap and warm water. Cleanse until there is no trace of residue on your skin.

Resin, hardener, and mixed epoxy are not easily removed from clothing. Remove clothing while cleaning to avoid dermal exposure. Wear proper PPE while cleaning. Below are methods for removing resin and hardener from clothing.

Note: Some of the solvents and methods may damage or discolor fabrics.

  • Resin only: Acetone or denatured alcohol
  • Hardener only: Soap and warm water
  • Mixed: Soap and warm water