Eco-Friendly • High Performance • User Friendly

Before EcoPoxy, your options were limited to one or two of these key points at best.
No more compromise. Our goal of industry leading performance, along with our commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable products and responsibility to our customers has resulted in EcoPoxy becoming a leader in the industry.

Our Heritage and History

How did a small community of farmers become one of the best-known producers of bio-based epoxies worldwide? Farming has been our livelihood for generations, but as in any industry, we learned that to survive in today’s economy we had to adapt and diversify. In 2009 we started distributing recycled and eco-friendly products, one of which was an unusual line of epoxies. Unlike others on the market, it had no strong odor, and was both easy and fun to work with.

The supplier marketed it as “made from soybeans” and “the greenest epoxy available". Realizing its potential, we helped grow the brand, eventually acquiring it in 2016. When we met directly with the manufacturer however, we found the “green” product we had been selling contained none of the natural soybean oil our supplier had claimed.

This was our turning point. Instead of giving up, we hired chemists and assembled an amazing team which has developed EcoPoxy into what we had promised it to be, and more. In the years since, our product line has grown into more than even we had ever imagined possible. With our head office in Manitoba, Canada, and branches in Florida and Switzerland, EcoPoxy serves a diverse global market through a constantly expanding network of retailers around the globe.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Bio-Based Products

As grain farmers, our family has had an affinity to the earth for generations. Like you, we look forward to a greener planet with responsible, eco-friendly manufacturing practices. As global awareness grows, harmful chemicals which negatively impact the environment are being banned, and many industries are looking for safer alternatives. We are working to provide solutions that don’t compromise on sustainability. Our goal is to produce 100% bio-based epoxies, and we’re getting closer every day.

Industry Leading Performance and Versatility 

We firmly believe that bio-based products don’t have to compromise on performance. With a team of skilled chemists and our advanced laboratories, we’ve invested heavily in staying ahead of the curve and driving innovation. Our recent acquisitions of CIC Engineering, an engineering firm that offered design, analysis, testing and fabrication services for the composites manufacturing industry has been helping to further this initiative. 

Commitment to Our Customers

EcoPoxy is family owned and operated, and we see our customers as an extension of that family. From a comprehensive lineup of safe products, to detailed and accurate information and helpful tips and tricks, we are constantly striving to improve your experience with our products. We listen to your feedback in an effort to improve and innovate, and pursue ethical behaviour and diversity. 

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