UVPoxy will produce a high-build, crystal-clear, durable finish that resists yellowing, fading, and cracking over time.

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Coat and protect your surfaces with UVPoxy.

UVPoxy is a crystal clear, brilliant surface that accentuates and magnifies the material below it.

UVPoxy is a 100% solids epoxy adhesive that can be used for electrical encapsulation to enhance the performance of potted electronic devices and extend life cycles with high impact resistance. It can be spread easily in thin films that is transparent after curing and provides good mechanical and electrical properties. UVPoxy is suitable for applications ranging from electrical potting to jewelry assembly. Other industries such as Fishing Gaff makers have come to know UVPoxy as a tremendous laminating resin which provides highly moisture resistant bonds meeting the performance requirements of salt water fishing.

UVPoxy is a high performance epoxy also used for bar tops and table tops which produces a high build crystal clear durable finish that will never yellow, fade, or crack over time. UVPoxy can endure extremely high traffic areas such as experienced by night clubs and restaurants. UVPoxy is perfect for embedding mementos such as coins, photos or other memorabilia, it is also commonly used for see through encapsulation, the making of jewelry and much more. UVPoxy will self-level and can easily be built up to a depth of 1/4″ thick layers (or more) if desired.

UVPoxy is specifically formulated to resist yellowing caused by sunlight and other ultra violet light sources and to resist scratching, water, and alcohol to provide a long lasting maintenance free protection for your surface.

Key Features

UVPoxy will leave you a crystal clear, brilliant surface that accentuates and magnifies the material below it.

100% Solids

Crystal Clear, high build finish

Self-Leveling, High Gloss

Extremely Durable

U.V. Resistant

Excellent Air Release Qualities

Excellent Color Stability

Wets out substrates well

Impact Resistant

Improves Surface Appearance

More Features

Tough Water Resistant Finish

Eliminates Craters, Crawling and Fish Eye


Will not blush or sweat under high humidity


Maintains integrity over sharp edges


Scratch Resilient & Maintenance Free

Available Sizes

Small SizesMedium SizesLarge Sizes
500ML4 Liter20 Liters
1 or 2 Liters8 Liters40 Liters

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