First Step Crack Filler for Epoxy Flooring Systems

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Epoxy Filler for Surface Repair and Preparation

EcoTrowel is a high-performance epoxy filler formulated for surface repair and preparation. It is easy to mix and spread and has a toffee-like consistency. It is a key component in epoxy floor coating systems.


  • To Fill Concrete Floor Cracks
  • To Fill Jagged or Uneven Edges and Surfaces
  • As Part of a Professional Epoxy Floor Coating Installation

EcoTrowel Features

  • Chemical and Impact Resistant with High Adhesion
  • Low Odor
  • Superior strength and flexibility
  • Can be Primed and Coated
  • Available in 10.9kg (24lb) and 3.6kg (8lb) Kits

EcoTrowel Product Information

Mix Ratio

2.5:1 (by weight)

Pot Time

20 minutes (depending on ambient temperature)

Spread Rate

From feathered edge up to 0.5" (1.3cm)

Working Temperature

15-30°C (60-90°F)

Cure Time

48 hours at 21°C (70°F) and 50% relative humidity

Set to Touch

6-8 hours (depending on ambient temperature, humidity and thickness)

Recoat Time

6-8 hours minimum (depending on ambient temperature, humidity and thickness)

Foot Traffic

24 hours (depending on ambient temperature, humidity and thickness)

Storage Temparature

10-25°C (50-77°F)

Clean Up

Wipe tools and spills with a clean rag and Isopropyl/Denatured Alcohol or warm soapy water.

Shelf Life

2 years; unopened

Tips When Using EcoTrowel


Remove all dust and any loose debris from cracks or surfaces using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.

Mixing Instructions

Stir the contents of Part A (Resin pail) for 30 seconds. Pour the entire contents of part B (Hardener Jug) into Resin Pail and mix thoroughly with a power-mixer for about 2.5 minutes until color and texture are consistent throughout the batch. Apply using a trowel or spreader. Once mixed, the epoxy hardens quickly, leaving you approximately 15 minutes of working time.

If Using Partial Kit

In a clean, dry container, mix (by weight) 2.5 parts resin with 1 part hardener.

Application Instructions

Using a trowel or putty knife, begin applying to the prepped surface immediately after mixing.

Reapplying Coats

Reapply within 6 - 24 hours of the previous layer’s application, provided it is firm but still tacky. If the previous layer is tack-free, it is necessary to abrade its surface to ensure proper adhesion to the next layer.

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