Epoxy Filler And Profiler For Surface Repair and Preparation

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Epoxy Filler for Industrial Applications and Artisans

EcoTrowel is a high performance epoxy filler and profiling product formulated for surface repair and preparation. It is easy to mix and spread, and has a peanut-butter like consistency (contains no peanuts!). 

EcoTrowel is lightweight and suitable for an infinite variety of composite, architectural, industrial, and art-related applications. It can be applied to wood, concrete - even canvas - to a thickness of 1/2” without sagging or slumping. It can be easily sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped, machined, routered & remains durable for life.

Used To

  • Fill Wood Cracks
  • Fill Concrete Floor Cracks
  • Profile Jagged or Uneven Edges or Surfaces
  • Texture Canvas Art

EcoTrowel Features

EcoTrowel is easily mixed, spreads with ease and control, and remains in place for a smooth finish. It can fill up to a thickness of a 1/2″ without the risk of sagging or slumping.

Adheres to Virtually Anything

EcoTrowel is lightweight and suitable for an infinite variety of composite, architectural, industrial, and art-related applications. EcoTrowel adheres to wood, concrete, fiberglass, canvas, and more. It has the ability to be molded or used on vertical and overhead surfaces without sagging and will not shrink when cured. It can also be used as a filleting material in epoxy tooling, or in between layers of reinforcement fabric for making lightweight composite parts.

Machine & Customize

EcoTrowel can be easily sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped, machined, and routered and will remain tough and durable for life. EcoTrowel cures to a neutral white color and can be pigmented or painted over to the desired color. 

Create Unique Art Pieces

Suitable for interior and exterior art related use, EcoTrowel can be used to create textured or highly detailed display pieces. It can be stamped with a silicone rubber stamp to create repeating patterns with intricate detail over a large surface area.

Other EcoTrowel Features

  • 100% Waterproof, Chemical Resistant, Impact Resistant, and High Adhesion
  • Low Odor, Low VOC’s, Non Toxic
  • Superior strength and flexibility
  • Can be primed and coated
  • No shrinking when cured
  • Spreads easily and remains in place
  • Won’t sag, drag or pull

EcoTrowel Product Information

Mix Ratio

1:1 by volume

Working Temperature

20-25oC (68-77oF)

Working Time

20 minutes depending on ambient temperature

Cure Time

48 hours depending on ambient temperature, humidity and thickness

Set to Touch

6-8 hours

Maximum Recommended Spread Depth

1/2” (It’s fine to fill cracks up 1” wide)

Clean Up

Denatured Alcohol

Tips When Using EcoTrowel

How To Use EcoTrowel

Remove the pouch from the packaging. Hold the pouch with both hands and squeeze until the center pouch bursts. Mix the two back and forth until completely mixed. When it’s all thoroughly mixed, cut the corner, squeeze the product out, pigment as desired, and apply using a trowel or spreader. Once mixed, the epoxy hardens quickly, leaving you approximately 15 minutes of working time.

Reapplying Coats

Between 6 - 24 hours providing the previous layer is firm but still tacky. Once tack-free it is necessary to sand between layers to ensure proper adhesion.

55 degrees F. through 85 degrees F. with tightly sealed lids

Shelf Life

Epoxy has a shelf life of about 2 years providing it is properly stored in sealed containers.

EcoPoxy World-Wide

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