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You might have seen our natural resins, bio-based epoxies and color pigments used to create river tables, but have you ever seen a spiral waterfall staircase?

When we came across this project on social media, we knew there was an exciting story to be shared. We reached out to David from WoodLab Co to tell us more about the most complex project he had ever attempted.

The spiral staircase project began as an effort to commemorate a wedding that occurred in 2020, with the intent to look like a flowing river. Since the stairs would be adjacent to a huge window, the stair treads needed powerful LEDs to give the proper effect even in bright daylight sun. David brought in Mike Hofer, an expert in complex lighting projects, to create the flowing water illusion. In the end, the source was a brand new lighting technology that had not yet hit the market. The result? What we believe to be the first internally lit spiralling cascading walnut staircase in the world.

David from WoodLab began working with EcoPoxy from the beginning (nearly four and a half years ago). After seeing the product released, and the talented woodworking community in his area, he quickly saw the demand for custom-made furniture grow in Idaho. Naturally, it seemed like a natural fit and perfect time to take this passion on as a full-time job.

His team had initially been using a different brand of epoxy. It wasn’t until later, when he was drawn to the “Eco” reference when he came across our brand on social media. He admits most resin is toxic and has a strong smell. Finding a natural alternative, David quickly became one of our first distributors.

Throughout his career, David quickly found that more and more people appreciated the sustainable concept and the epoxy’s ability to fill in little imperfections to enhance the underlying beauty of natural wood. With color pigments, the world of custom furniture also gained a new design-centric element that led David and his team to engage in projects with numerous designers.

His word to the rest of the marker community, “challenge yourselves to go further. Think outside the box.” In his experience, David’s seen a huge migration of people return to local makers to buy sustainable products after supply chains had been interrupted. People who have sought out a local maker have exceeded their expectations since they truly can’t be found anywhere else. The message, look for locally sourced makers, and you will be glad you did.

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About WoodLab Co

WoodLab Co creates a variety of beautiful furniture pieces using sustainable sources for wood and eco-friendly products. Follow them on social to see more of their incredible work!


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