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We usually sit down with makers to showcase their work. However, this week we had the opportunity to talk to a member of our community who is not only a maker but also a key distributor of EcoPoxy products at Gonsar Imports. Joaquin Gonzalez was first introduced to EcoPoxy products through his business partner who began creating river tables by hobby. He now imports EcoPoxy products to Latin America and has created some amazing pieces, including these aluminum and resin letters for Nespresso. 

Here is his full story and what it might mean for you.

From Maker to Maker

Perhaps a project like this has been on your “to try” list. Some advice from maker to maker, “consider the best way to complete the project.” Although the letters seem intricate and far from a project for a first-timer, it all comes down to making or using a good mold. For a small lettering project that is mostly resin based, a silicon mold might do the trick! From there, you will want to consider where you will pour the resin. Typically a warmer room will ensure the best drying conditions for your art piece.

Most importantly, never give up. For this maker, persistence was key in the project's success, and having a great team was what made the difference. If you are a solo artist experimenting with new projects, EcoPoxy’s online community on Instagram and tutorial videos can be the team you lean on for support.

Becoming a Distributor

After noticing how this product could make the lives of those in Latin America easier and allow them to reuse, Joaquin was motivated to contact the EcoPoxy team about bringing the product to Mexico. After several emails and a quick trip to Winnipeg, Gonsar Imports was able to bring the product to Mexico and has continued to be a distributor for the last three years.

With stories like Joaquin’s resonating with so many, we have simplified the process of becoming a retailer

To help us bring EcoPoxy to your hometown, contact us today!

Showcase of the Nespresso Project

Gonsar Imports

Gonsar Imports serves as an EcoPoxy distributor in Mexico and Latin America and can be found creating great content on their social media platforms.


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