Marketing Manager

As part of EcoPoxy’s management team, the Marketing Manager is responsible for front line management of all marketing activities, supervision of the marketing team and coordination of marketing efforts with other members of EcoPoxy’s management team to fulfill EcoPoxy’s corporate strategy and objectives.  The Marketing Manager will ensure the marketing efforts maintain EcoPoxy’s brand integrity, its strategic positioning as a global industry leader, and the brand as a trusted advisor.

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Management Team Responsibilities

The Marketing Manager is responsible to:

Oversee the development, management and execution of an annual strategic marketing and communications plan that is aligned with corporate strategy and budget requirements.  The plan must span all communication media (online and offline), reach target audiences, and be cohesive for all EcoPoxy products and services. The Marketing Manager will evaluate the success of marketing strategies, provide, and implement recommendations to enhance their ROI

Lead, supervise, coordinate, and train all marketing team members to complete the marketing team functions (defined below), achieve marketing goals and objectives, while increasing revenue and profits.  

Monitor marketing team productivity and quality of work, provide constructive feedback and coaching to facilitate employee and team success

Conduct marketing team annual performance reviews, setting performance and career goals that align with organizational needs and employee enrichment

Determine and communicate marketing focused KPIs on a regular basis with the management team

Work with the Marketing Team, in collaboration with others on EcoPoxy’s team, to define and maintain the processes, procedures, tools and systems that allow the marketing team to effectively perform its functions.  Ensure continuous improvement to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the team

Ensure completion of initiatives within the specified deadlines, budgets, required quality of work and drive organizational ROI, by directing the marketing team and managing the relationship with the Agency of Record 

Contribute to the development and implementation of EcoPoxy’s corporate strategy and objectives

Respond to inquiries from the CEO, as required

Other Duties as assigned by the CEO

Marketing Team Functions

The Marketing team, under the supervision of the Marketing Manager, will be responsible for the following functional activities:

Retain knowledge of all EcoPoxy products and understand the value proposition of these products

Design and manage the customer experience through journey mapping, persona development and voice of the customer programs

Lead definition, preparation, dissemination, and performance monitoring of all external and internal communications, including but not limited to marketing and promotions, product support (i.e. user instructions, DIY materials, etc.), and corporate messaging. Ensure all communications create a cohesive, consistent image and message that speaks to the organization’s various key audiences.

Oversee the development, management, and maintenance of all online communication vehicles, including but not limited to:

  • Website
  • Social Platforms (including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, etc.)
  • E-mails
  • Applications

Identify, develop, and implement promotions for EcoPoxy products and services to meet profitability goals

Identify, engage, support, and manage influencers that stimulate significant interest in target markets.

Brand Management:

  • Develop and promote branding initiatives consistent with corporate business goals and objectives.
  • Ensure all products, services, and other offerings conform to brand identity; conduct ongoing brand management

Support sales and product development team efforts by:

  • Overseeing the launch and brand management of all products and services to meet profitability goals through effective marketing programs
  • Supporting sales efforts to determine pricing and profitability margins.  Support regular analysis on pricing effectiveness and recurring trends
  • Leading development of product packaging and branding
  • Conducting market research and validation to ensure branding, product development, market development and sales activity will drive towards profitability goals
  • Helping to identify and develop customer support and sales materials that will make both functions more efficient and effective
  • Supporting development of resources to help Sales develop and service sales channels


  • 5+ years industry experience with previous experience in a senior marketing position[MH7]
  • Degree in Marketing
  • CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) designation would be considered an asset
  • 5 - 10 years in consumer goods brand management
  • Ideally at least 5 years in business to business brand management
  • Marketing experience – 10+ years
  • Leadership experience
  • Agency Management Experience
  • Marketing automation platform experience
  • Experience as a working manager

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