Project Focus – Environmentally- Friendly Composite Truck Floor

Manufacturers are starting to forego traditional manufacturing materials in favor of environmentally-friendly options to not only reduce their pollution footprint but to also offer their customers the opportunity to do the same.

International Truck Body (ITB), a Winnipeg-based custom truck body, trailer and enclosure design and manufacturer, is no exception. ITB approached the CIC to help create an environmentally-friendly composite floor for one of their clients looking to order 200 custom trucks to deliver laundry across the United States.

The floor is 8 ft. wide by 20 ft. long, needed to be extremely durable, but with an environmentally-friendly component and ITB needed a prototype on a tight timeline. Our Prototyping team took on the project, providing a recommended sandwich panel layup made up of a plywood core sandwiched between fiberglass skins using EcoPoxy, an eco-friendly epoxy resin. We machined the dovetail joints in the plywood on our 5-axis CNC machine and partnered with Eastside for the part layup. EcoPoxy generously provided the resin for the hand-layup and the crushed-glass aggregate for a textured-grip surface.

ITB installed the prototype floor in one of their initial custom laundry trucks for their client and it has been undergoing field testing since June 2016, with a very positive response. ITB has secured an order of 22 pilot trucks with the environmentally-friendly floor and is looking to replace their current fleet of trucks at a rate of 200 trucks per year starting in 2017. They are currently exploring the possibility of a follow-on project with the CIC for durability testing on the composite floor. This test will simulate laundry cart casters rolling on the floor surface to see how it holds up against repeated abrasion. Our Prototyping team will provide manufacturing assistance as ITB moves forward with production.

“From conception to project completion, we found dealing with the CIC to be a very easy undertaking. The CIC’s ability to work with International Truck Body to develop and test our current project gave us the ability to produce a composite product that met all of our client’s expectations. Ultimately, the CIC’s involvement in the project resulted in International Truck Body winning one of our largest contracts to date.” – Tim McQueen, General Manager, International Truck Body






This project was completed through the NRC-IRAP CTO program where

small-to-medium businesses can apply for funding support on project

related activities and utilize approved CIC services.

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