Epoxy Casting System for Electronics Encapsulation

UV Poxy is an epoxy system formulated to insulate electric and electronic connections!

This system provides excellent insulating properties and ease of use

It does not shrink, cures without any evaporation, does not degrade electronic components and cures in an enclosed volume. UV Poxy is a thin epoxy casting system formulated for dialectical applications, to encapsulate and insulate components in electrical and electronics applications.

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  • UV Poxy

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    UV Poxy is a 100% solids epoxy adhesive that can be used for electrical encapsulation to enhance the performance of potted electronic devices and extend life cycles with high impact resistance.

    It can be spread easily in thin films that is transparent after curing and provides good mechanical and electrical properties. UV Poxy is suitable for applications ranging from electrical potting to jewelry assembly. Other industries such as Fishing Gaff makers have come to know UV Poxy as a tremendous laminating resin which provides highly moisture resistant bonds meeting the performance requirements of salt water fishing.

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