EcoPoxy is a Perfect Fit for West Edmonton Mall’s Marine Life


When their stingray touch pool needed some TLC, Marine Life staff wondered if there were eco-friendly alternatives to the other pool coatings they had used in the past. After consulting with other aquariums, it had been suggested to Marine Life Curator, Kim Walker, that EcoPoxy might be the solution they were looking for.

“I just posed a question to see what other people used and an aquarium in the eastern US recommended EcoPoxy. I did a little research and gave EcoPoxy a call,” Walker explains.

Located in West Edmonton Mall, Marine Life is a member of the Canadian Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA). This underground aquarium is home to more than 100 species of fish, sharks, sea turtles, penguins, reptiles, amphibians, sea lions and invertebrates.

“Being CAZA accredited, our drive is education and conservation. We do have a lot of educational programs where school groups and daycares come to our facility and learn. We’re also able to take some of our animals to schools to teach them about penguins and invertebrates such as starfish and our anemone,” she says.

The pool area that was coated with EcoPoxy houses 5 cownose stingrays. These pools are called “touch pools” because patrons can actually touch the animals in the pool making it a wonderfully interactive experience. As Walker explains, there were a few reasons why they chose EcoPoxy to coat the stingray touch pool.
(The photo on the left shows the pool prior to the application of EcoPoxy.)

“We want a safe environment for our animals. I wanted to make sure that it (EcoPoxy) was good for the environment and healthy for our animals, and it’s also a good way to educate the public.”

A local company, JAC Incorporated, applied EcoPoxy to the pools, the floor deck and up the walls. These stingrays are splashy animals and by applying EcoPoxy in the entire pool area, the walls will be protected from moisture which will make cleaning and maintaining the area a much simpler process.

(This photo on the right was taken after EcoPoxy was applied.)

Walker says that they will consider using EcoPoxy in the future if other areas of the aquarium need updating. For more information about Marine Life, you can check out their website