Benefits of EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating


EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating is no doubt one of the most durable and toughest finishes you can apply to your garage floor. Not only does it keep your floor shining but lasts longer than other types of floor coating. This type of metallic floor coating can instantly transform your ugly cement floor into a 5-star professional looking floor that you will be proud to display.

EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating is not only for your garage; you can use it on other places where you need to give your floor a spectacular look. It’s perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Do you have a showroom that you want to give a shiny attractive look? You can select from the variety of solid colors, hues, custom colors and blends of color flakes to give your showroom floor a style that makes your customers feel at home.

What is EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating?
EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating is different from paint. There are some paints that claim to contain epoxy but this does not actually make them epoxy, instead they are just epoxy paints or you can as well call them “1-part epoxy paint”

EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating is a thermosetting resin which is applied to a floor as a coating. It is a metallic coating that is formed when you make a mixture of two parts epoxide resin with one part polyamine hardener and metallic pigments. The epoxy derives its strength from the hardener which acts as a catalyst.

You can use EcoPoxy Floor Coatings to treat floors. This is because a chemical reaction is created when you mix two parts which will now create an exothermic curing process. This process results in the creation of polymer structures that are closely cross-linked. This polymer structure gives EcoPoxy its durability, superior strength, and chemical resistance.

Benefits of EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating
When a proper epoxy floor coating is performed with EcoPoxy eco-friendly epoxy technology like the one provided by EcoPoxy you will enjoy many benefits. Among many types of garage floor finishes available today, none of them can match the benefits that come with an EcoPoxy Floor Coatings.

Here are some of the benefits of using EcoPoxy Floor Coating for your space:

Resistance to Water and Stains
EcoPoxy Coatings has the ability to instantly transform your ordinary floor into an attractive non-porous surface. This means that you don’t have to worry about water spoiling your floor again as the coating is strong enough to resist any amount of water. Moreover, EcoPoxy Coatings repels all types of stains making it easier to clean your floor.

Professional Look
Whether you want to use EcoPoxy Coatings on your garage or showroom, this floor technology is bound to give your space a professional look. The best part is that you can choose which color and style you want. EcoPoxy can help you to select the color that can transform your space. With this kind of metallic flooring, you can use your floor any how you choose because it is easy to maintain.

Damage Resistance
EcoPoxy Coatings saves you from constantly re-doing your floor every year. It has the strength and durability to resist the most brutal treatment. EcoPoxy Coatings is made with technology that makes your surface resistant to debris scratching and can even withstand falling of heavy materials and tools on your garage floor.

The beauty of EcoPoxy Coatings is not only that it last or makes your floor look very attractive but they are not expensive as most other floor finishes. If you use your garage a lot, EcoPoxy Coatings is what you need to save yourself the headache of spending money to redo your garage due to damages.

Easy To Prepare
The application of EcoPoxy Coatings is very simple. It does not require a lot of preparation like other types of floor finishes. What you just need is to ensure that your floor is clean and dry before applying the epoxy. A professional epoxy company can help you apply the coating that can last.

Easy To Maintain: Have you seen a cement floor after it was dirtied by motor oil or grease stains? It looks awful to clean. EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating saves you from this kind of a headache, it does not retain stains making it very easy to clean your floor from any kind of dirt or stain.

When you want to give your floor the kind of metallic coating that will make it professional, good-looking and resistant to damages, it is recommended that you use EcoPoxy; it is an epoxy that is made with eco-friendly ingredients. This type of coating has been discovered to be an unparalleled high value and high-performance surfacing solution. It is non-toxic and contains no VOCs . It has a low odor and last longer. When you use EcoPoxy Coatings, you will not only enjoy a solid metallic flooring with an attractive appearance but also other eco-friendly benefits.