Art on Wheels – A Profile on Artist Joni Brown

Joni Brown has been a working artist her entire life. While a health disorder has made this work a bit more challenging for her, she has always found a way to do the work she loves.

“I apprenticed as a goldsmith right out of high school when I was 16. I got the last journeyman’s goldsmith ticket in Canada before they turned it into a craft,” she recalls. “I’ve worked in different artistic mediums as much as I’m able through my life. I have an autoimmune disorder and, with that, a lot of chemical hypersensitivity has developed,” Joni explains.

While her home is based in Penticton, British Columbia, she spends most of the warmer Canadian months living in her converted bus with her service dog Timex, camping on crown land in the Osoyoos area. She winters in the US.

“I’m like a movie of the week,” she jokes. “I’m an old hippy with an autoimmune disease, who lives in a tiny house bus in the middle of nowhere and uses only solar power to create my art. Did I miss any tag words?” she laughs.

Most of the furniture and appliances on her bus are made of reused or repurposed materials that Joni has modified to serve her needs. The only new items she bought were some hardware and the components for her solar power system.

The first time Joni used EcoPoxy was to create the coin-covered sink for the bathroom in her bus. It had been a long time since she was able to use any type of epoxy.

“Finding EcoPoxy was like a gift! I literally laid my arm in it when I was working with it, wiped it off with coconut oil and there was no harm in working with it. I tried in the past to do work with epoxies but could never, even before I was severely sensitive,” she says. “I just could never work with them because they were too toxic. And your product is just not toxic.”

While she hasn’t worked with EcoPoxy products for that long, she sees a lot more of it in her future.

“It’s new to me but I can see a million things! I imagine building a whole house and using EcoPoxy on every surface,” she laughs.

When we contacted Joni, she was in the middle of the countryside on the search for beetle wood. She is going to use this beautiful element to create jewelry using EcoPoxy.

“Because it’s a dead wood and very dry, it needs strengthening. Encased in the resin, it becomes something that CAN last forever,” she explains.

Joni is just one of the many customers who we’ve had the privilege of getting to know because of our products. How do you use EcoPoxy, and would you like to be featured on our blog? Send us an email so we can share YOUR story too.