Art & Decoration

For artwork, photos, jewelry, wood finishing and more!

UV Poxy delivers a crystal clear, glossy, UV stable finish.

Use it to finish artwork, photos, jewelry, wood finishing, embedding, creative projects and child masterpieces offering unsurpassed performance coupled with incredible ease of use for perfect results, every time.

Once you start to experiment with UVPoxy on artwork, craft projects, manufacturing of jewelry or furniture and decor the only limit is your imagination. For a professional artist or art print businesses, UV Poxy can significantly increase the value of your work.

Liquid Plastic is an incredible casting and encapsulation resin system, it has an extended worktime and can be poured up to 27 inches in a single pour. Delivering a low exothem it is suitable for use in glass encapsulation.

Recommended Products

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    GloPoxy glow in the dark epoxy coating is a custom made formula using only the highest grade of photo luminescent ingredients designed for maximize brightness. The combination of high grade ingredients, high ratio, and EcoPoxy resin system results in the brightest glow with extended glow in the dark duration.

    Our chemists included a suspension system that supports dense glow in the dark particles. GloPoxy is manufactured using a special color balanced process ensuring that the colors won’t shift when switching from ordinary white lighting to backlight.

    GloPoxy absorbs bright light as energy. When placed in the dark it releases that energy in the form of bright light and glows in dark for hours. The light absorption and release processes of GloPoxy can be repeated endlessly. Any light source will charge GloPoxy.

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    EcoPoxy Gel Coat

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    EcoPoxy Fairing Compound is a high performance epoxy filler and profiling product formulated for surface finishing of composite structures and more. It is easily mixed and spreads with a peanut butter like consistency with ease and control leaving a smooth cosmetic finish.

    EcoPoxy Fairing Compound is lightweight and suitable for an infinite variety of composite, architectural, industrial and art-related applications. It can fill up to a thickness of a 1/2″ without the risk of sagging or slumping.

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    EcoPoxy Verti Coat

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    Many industrial, commercial and institutional settings require heavy duty epoxy wall systems that can withstand chemical exposure, abrasion and impacts. Other facilities need integral seamless finishes for easy-to-clean concrete walls and floors.

    ECOPOXY VERTI-COAT is specifically formulated for vertical surface applications, providing the tile-like glaze coating specified by a variety of industries.

  • Resin build hardener

    EcoPoxy Resin & Clear Hardener

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    EcoPoxy Resin and Clear Hardener is a 100% solids crystal clear epoxy laminating systems for extreme performance and demanding visual applications including carbon fiber skinning, board manufacturing and wood finishing.

    The system is formulated for the manufacturing of composites parts or wood laminates while retaining some flex for improved fatigue performance and provides high end finish aspects requirements.

  • Resin build hardener

    EcoPoxy Grip Coat

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    ECOPOXY GRIP COAT flooring and other coatings are required by many facilities, and with good reason—virtually all spaces, both commercial and industrial, are susceptible to the high risks of a wet and slick floor.

    Our high performance slip resistant flooring and coatings come in a variety of finishes from the very mild to coarser textures to meet your specific needs. Be it rainwater or oil, our flooring can provide a high measure of protection against dangerous conditions.

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