A New Retailer in Surrey, British Columbia

It’s been a few months since we spoke to Wooda Cooda owner, Roger Elander, so we thought we’d check in and see what creative projects he’s been working on. Roger is becoming an EcoPoxy retailer with an outlet in Surrey, British Columbia and we’re so excited to have another location for our customers to access our products. And who better to sell our products than someone with years of experience using various hazardous epoxies and now is 100% converted to EcoPoxy!

As the name suggests, Wooda Cooda is a business that sells beautifully handcrafted wooden treasures. From candle holders to picture frames to pendants, if it can be made out of wood, there’s a good chance Roger has it for sale. Along with selling online through his Etsy store, Roger also attends a number of craft shows and markets in his area. He finds selling jewelry online is a lot harder than selling it at a show.

“Selling jewelry online is a bit tough,” Roger explains. “The thing is that women like to touch jewelry, feel it, hold it up. There are a lot of factors there. It’s fascinating to watch how it’s such an emotional experience compared to watching a man buy a screwdriver,” he laughs.

Roger plans to open a separate Etsy store for his jewelry line in the next little while.

“I’ve primarily been doing pendants and earrings and I want to get into so many things,” he says

When we spoke last time, Roger mentioned he was going to be building 24 guitars. These composite guitars will be a fusion of wood and resin. He’s been making a lot of unique items that are becoming hot ticket items. His juniper chopsticks are so popular, he has a hard time keeping them in stock.

Roger recently found a way to fuse wood and EcoPoxy to create medals for the Golden Ultra. The Golden Ultra is a three-day stage running race (or relay) that takes place in Golden, British Columbia. The medals were inspired by the local Rocky Mountains. Roger hopes these medals will open up a new market for him.

“I’m going to go after some of the bigger games,” he says. “The medals are nice enough that I think I could compete with traditional types of medals.”

Roger is gearing up for the gift-giving season. He’ll be attending a few more shows in the next few months and preparing to launch his new Etsy store and his website which will help his EcoPoxy retail business.

“I can see the day when you’ll see a lot less steel in cars and on various machines and it will be replaced by this product used with fibers to make it super strong” he says. “There are so many applications, it’s just wild!”

If you want to see more of Wooda Cooda’s work, you can also visit their Facebook page. And don’t forget to like it while you’re there!